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My journey started when I studied Medical Anthropology at Oxford University. It opened my eyes to the alternative medicine that the rest of the world relies on. It revealed to me that every major healing tradition understands that the body can heal itself and that illness is caused by imbalances in our physical and energetic bodies.


After university, I moved to Malaysia to assess how traditional medicine should be regulated in South East Asia and later worked at the World Health Organisation to protect tribal medicine from being exploited by pharmaceutical companies.

Once I moved to California, I spent 3 years studying Western Clinical Herbalism at The Ohlone Herbal Centre in Berkeley before opening my private practise where I see clients and teach workshops. ​

For the past 15 years, I have also had a career in advertising so I am well acquainted with the effects of stress on the body. I know intimately what it is like to feel overwhelm and deep exhaustion. But I have also learned and relearned how humble plants can heal us, recenter us, protect us and make our purpose clear again. 

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