I began seeing Steph because it was taking me a very long time to get pregnant and I wanted a more holistic approach. After 2 months, I got pregnant! Steph was born to do this and you can clearly tell after first meeting with her that this is her passion. She is a shining light that everyone needs in their life! She is extremely educated about taking a holistic approach to your mind, body, and overall health. She asks simple questions but is able to draw out so much more from your responses. 

Andi Holland

I went to a consultation session with Stephanie a few years back for some stomach issues and allergies.  I have been going to her ever since for anything that pops up.  The consultation portion of the appointment was reason enough for me to return. I found it extremely cathartic. I felt like she was engaged and listening to me as well as genuinely concerned and caring about my wellbeing. Her tinctures helped reduce my allergy symptoms and strengthen by digestive system.


But one of the best things Stephanie did for me was create a "calm and happy" tincture for my wedding week.  I have a tendency to be a neurotic mess. I took it leading up to the wedding and throughout the wedding weekend. And I was, just as it said, happy and calm and able to enjoy the entire wedding weekend. 


I am SO grateful for all Stephanie has done for me.

Natalie Kassab

I'd felt unwell for years. A series of stressful events had left their mark in the form of chronic acid reflux and a mysterious, anxiety-inducing pelvic pain no doctor or test could find the source of. I was miserable and fustrated by the idea of taking prescription pills to manage symptoms for the rest of my life. Then I was introduced to Steph, who was both an empathetic listener and a generous teacher who showed me the healing powers of plants. 
A curious mind by nature, she has the patience to connect the dots between seemingly disparate symptoms to reveal insights about the root cause of the pain. She showed me how even the simple act of drinking marshmallow root or cold steeped chamomile could reduce pain and heal the gut. She's taught me how to listen to my body, and that powerful "treatment" can also be gentle and nurturing. I'm so grateful for her care and can't recommend her highly enough.

Jen Cho