This is the first step for all new clients. It is thorough and broad. We will look at both the physical and emotional components of what you are experiencing as well as your medical history. Pulse, face and tongue diagnosis provide further clues as to what is going on with your body. With this understanding, we can then decide how your healing can begin.


IYou will learn how to use foods, herbs and spiritual tools to enable your healing process. Sometimes I will also incorporate bodywork or cranial-sacral techniques. It'll feel like life coaching blended with therapy and a touch of meditation practise. 


You will leave with a personalized hand crafted herbal formula and maybe new rituals.  Herbs are offered as alcohol extracts, vinegar extracts, honey preparations, topical salves, or teas.



Based on your health goals we will check in every couple of weeks to see how you are feeling and to adjust our healing strategy accordingly. I will adapt each of our sessions to your current needs.





Throughout the year, I teach various workshops. Please sign up to Facebook and email to get up to date info. Here are some examples of my most popular classes:


Learn how to feed your skin the things it needs to glow from the inside out without all the chemicals. For $65, you will go home with a scrub, a mask, a toner and a night cream all made by you and Nature.




There's no better way to learn about the humbling power of plants than out in Nature. You will learn how to wake up your eyes and senses to the natural healers that is all around us from dandelion, yarrow, plantain to willow and elderberries. You will learn botanical identification alongside sustainable wild harvesting practises.




These classes will give you hands on experience with making your own herbal preparations from salves to ointments and tinctures. You will learn which plants and active ingredients are best suited to tea, oil preparations, alcohol extraction or vinegar. We will learn how to transform our pantry into a bountiful medicine chest.



There is no better place than the office to teach people about how to use food and herbs to protect against the health impact of stress. I work with HR people to customize workshops to fit with the needs of organizations. See example workshop series below:



Overview: We are living at a time when we all know that stress is the no1 enemy to our health and wellbeing but the demands of our jobs mean that we can't always just remove the source of our stress. This means that we have to become better at protecting our bodies and minds. This 3 part lecture series will teach you to use food as preventative medicine and common herbs to mitigate the big culprits: lowered immunity, messed up digestion and anxiety and sleep issues. 


Class 1 : Stress and the Immune System

This class will give an overview of how stress impacts our natural defenses and how to stop yourself falling sick every other month. We will talk about foods to regularly include in your diet that have immune boosting properties and what to do at the first signs of falling sick to minimise recovery time.


Class 2: Stress and the Digestive System

A lot of people in stressful jobs suffer from IBS, constipation, acid reflux, bloating, and feeling tired after meals. Stress can shut down our capacity to digest food properly which can then even lead to allergies. This class will help you make sure you are getting the nutrients you need to support your lifestyle and introduce you to some herbal allies that can help with your symptoms.


Class 3: Stress, Anxiety and Sleep

In this class we will look at herbs and foods that support the nervous system. How we get out of fight of flight mode when we need to unwind. How we can create better sleeping habits and insert moments of decompression into the day.