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There is no better place than the office to teach people about how to use food and herbs to protect against the health impact of stress. I work with HR people to customize workshops to fit with the needs of organizations. See example workshop series below:



Overview: We are living at a time when we all know that stress is the no1 enemy to our health and wellbeing but the demands of our jobs mean that we can't always just remove the source of our stress. This means that we have to become better at protecting our bodies and minds. 


Class 1 : Stress and the Immune System

This class will give an overview of how stress impacts our natural defenses and how to stop yourself falling sick every other month. We will talk about foods to regularly include in your diet that have immune boosting properties and what to do at the first signs of falling sick to minimise recovery time.


Class 2: Stress and the Digestive System

A lot of people in stressful jobs suffer from IBS, constipation, acid reflux, bloating, and feeling tired after meals. Stress can shut down our capacity to digest food properly which can then even lead to allergies. 


Class 3: Stress, Anxiety and Sleep

In this class we will look at herbs and foods that support the nervous system. How we get out of fight of flight mode when we need to unwind. How we can create better sleeping habits and insert moments of decompression into the day.

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