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for when: you are falling ill


instructions: take 1 dropper full at the first signs of falling ill (sore throat, chills) and keep taking every hour until symptoms have completely passed.​


for best results: if you feel like you are falling sick, keep yourself warm. avoid cold drinks and cold food. take a bath. wear a scarf. eat soup. drink tea.

protection tincture

  • ingredients: elderberry, ecchinacea, cinnammon, rosehips, honey, brandy​i


    This tincture is designed to protect your immune system. Everyone should keep this tincture in their bag. It works especially well if you can start taking as soon as you feel the very first signs. You can even take it preventatively while on flights. Packed with anti-viral elderberry, immuno stimulating ecchinacea, warming and mucus fighting cinnamon and vit C rich rosehips. 

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